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Broadlands Farm 

previously offered livery for 

15 horses & 2000 Free Range Chickens

Situated in the beautiful Lumsdale Valley conservation area, the farm originally provided livery to 15 horses. 

Our natural pastures, woodlands and fresh spring water provide an ideal environment for the family run private farm operation and its occupants



A bit of history.
Originally an equestrian livery and poultry farm, rented out for many years as a business, the dwelling and surrounding grounds became very overgrown and run down. Formerly part of an estate that dates back to the 1700's, Broadlands Farm still has some of the original stone buildings and stables in use. Natural ponds filled by Lumsdale Waterfalls that were used to run the old saw mill now sit idle and full of wildlife, the original but disused flow gates to the mill still remain on the property. These areas are steeped with history and character. In the evenings, Lumsdale Waterfalls can be heard gently rumbling down the valley into the river below, combined with a clear star filled black sky this creates a magical atmosphere filled with the sounds of wildlife.


What happens at Broadlands Farm now. 

Broadlands Farm is not currently a commercial business. As animal welfare enthusiasts we raise poultry and water foul on our natural pastures on a non profit basis. Where possible we re-home and rescue unwanted animals. In order to help fund the animals welfare, including veterinary and feed costs we sometimes sell excess natural breeding stock. This is a non commercial non profit making process.



A renovation project started in 2017 when the commercial equestrian business moved on and the property was purchased. This is well underway with most of the structural projects due to be finished in the winter of 2021. Until completion only a handful of farming activities that use traditional pasture raised methods are available. Free range hen eggs and fertile Indian Runner Duck eggs for hatching are readily available. 


Future services.
Raising animals in a natural environment and offering a stress free, drug free lifestyle is our main focus. We plan to introduce free range pasture raised poultry services later this year. Preparation for this involved studying poultry farming and animal welfare courses at Edinburgh University. In todays price conscious world we feel there are still standards in the food chain that should be met. Raising animals traditionally costs more than a commercial operation, it takes longer and requires more space. You can't put a price on happiness and wellbeing, but it does mean you have to be prepared to pay a slightly higher price for food or livestock produced in this way. We hope you will see the value in our methods and feel it is a price worth paying to keep a small percentage, drug free and free to roam. Signing up to our mailing list will make sure you know when these services are due to start. 



The poultry at Broadlands Farm roam our natural pastures feeding on natures menu. Any top up food is organic and readily available as is fresh spring water. Natural breeding combined with simple outdoor living is the main focus at Broadlands Farm.   

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